Don’t Keep It In House: 3 Reasons To Hire White Paper Writers

For any business looking to cultivate relationships with other companies or government entities, the white paper is the gold standard. Face-to-face interactions are great, but decision-makers want time to read your literature and think carefully about your products or services before beginning a real relationship. The trick, then, is producing top-notch white papers to get your message across. It might be tempting to stay in-house with your white paper needs, but that's a mistake for three big reasons:

External Point of View

You know your business better than anyone else, but sometimes that's actually a weakness. Because you're on the inside, it's easy to lose perspective on elements that might be most persuasive to your customers. Hiring an outsider to write your white papers could help you identify key selling points that you might overlook entirely.

For example, if you're selling a certain type of energy-efficient window, you might be so focused on the electricity bill sales pitch you lose sight of the product's aestetic appeal. Outsourcing white papers to an external writer will give your a fresh perspective to the sales approach and help you target new segments of the market.

Save Sales Staff Time

A lot of companies assign senior members of the sales team to write white papers on the theory that they've go the most expertise and experience with the product. While that's true, their expertise is in selling the product, not writing white papers. Assigning a great salesperson to a writing task is like asking a great plumber to rewire your ceiling fan--he might pull it off, but it's just not his specialty.

Instead of wasting your sales staff's time on something they're not good at, send the project to expert white paper writers. Then, if the writer falls a bit short, ask your senior sales staff to punch up the copy and add a bit of detail. You'll save them time, and they'll translate that to more contact with customers.

Professional Quality

A white paper is a customer-facing document, and it needs to be perfect. There's no better way to lose credibility than typos, spelling mistakes or grammatical errors in a business document. Don't take the chance of assigning your white papers to anyone without expertise in writing.

Professional writers might not know your business inside and out, but they do know the craft of writing persuasive prose. If you want your white papers to look professional and be easy to read, there's no better option than hiring a pro.

Bring your white papers up to a professional standard today by contacting a expert writer. You'll save time and money, and you'll have a better product as a result. Have other questions? If you want to know more, try contacting a company like Hoffman Marketing Communications to learn more.