Advantages Of Aerial Advertising Versus Traditional Media

Purchasing a banner that advertises deals, specials, and promotions at your place of business, to be flown at places or events with large crowds, is a surefire way to generate revenue. The following is a list of reasons why aerial advertising is not only affordable compared to traditional advertising, but why it also more effective.

Less Visual Competition

Ads in magazines and newspapers are crowded and surrounded by other ads. A potential customer may not even notice your ad in the visual cacophony that is traditional print media. When your ad is flown by a plane, all eyes are on your ad. Nothing else is cluttering the sky, so your ad is the main attraction and potential customers are reached.

More Memorable

When consumers are driving down the highway and see billboards everywhere, they quickly forget what was advertised on each one. When your ad is the only one that they are seeing, there is a much higher chance that your ad will stick out in their minds. Plus, the ad is moving instead of stagnant. This will naturally draw potential customers' eyes towards the sky and your ad.

Cost Effective

Many people assume that the cost of aerial advertising is "sky high." But actually, aerial advertising reaches more people than print media, radio, or billboards, and comes in at less cost per person reached. This is because you get more bang for your buck. A large crowd of people are all reached at once; your business could start seeing results within the hour. Traditional media needs to be heard or seen repeatedly to be memorable.

Consumers Don't Shut Down

Consumers are inundated with ads from the moment they step out of their doors, as soon as they log onto the internet, switch on the radio, and whenever they watch television. Most people just tune these type of ads out or have to be exposed to them repeatedly, which wastes time and money. When an internet ad pops up, most people immediately close it. When a loud ad comes on the radio, most people turn it down. People pay for subscription television and music services so that they don't listen to or watch ads.

But when an aerial advertisement is flown overhead, people first look up because of the noise of the plane, then retain most of the advertisement, even if they have just seen it, because an ad flown across the sky is a novelty.