Ready, Set, Go! 4 Steps To A Great Business Launch Party

If you are planning a business launch party, you want to make sure it's a hit with your guests. Read on for four simple tips that will help you have a successful launch party.

Find a Fun Location. It's cheapest to throw your launch party at your business, but that may not give you the kind of space or facilities you need. Non-profit venues and schools offer low rental prices, too, but they can be pretty generic. If you want to leave a lasting impression on your guests, look for something a little more off-the-beaten-path -- such as a local brewpub or tasting room, the roof of a restaurant, a rustic outdoor space, or a waterside venue.

Get the Word Out. Generally, your party should have three avenues by which guests learn about the event: social media, printed invitations, and word of mouth. Make sure you are using all available social media platforms to advertise your launch for at least a month before the big event. Printed invitations should go out around 4 weeks before it, as well. Print some simple, eye-catching and themed invitations for VIPs, special guests, potential investors, and networking contacts. It may be best to work with a qualified marketing company to create your own custom invitations in order to set the right tone up front.

Feed People. Free food is a great way to get people to show up at your event, so make sure you have enough to last the whole party. Lack of food is one big reason why guests leave early. What you serve will depend on the style and theme of the party -- fun, casual, formal, exotic, comforting, etc. In addition, an open bar is another way to encourage attendance. If you advertise an open bar only for the first hour or two of your launch party, you're more likely to get on-time guests too.

Add Unique Touches. Think about ways to tie your brand, product, or services into your launch party's activities. This can be as simple as offering a signature drink or two that incorporates your theme or offering a relaxing activity like massages. Or, it may require a little more creativity -- such as launching a financial planning company with fun and creative plays on the idea of "saving your pennies." Consider your company's logo, motto, goals, and clientele, then add some memorable tie-ins over the course of the party. 

By remembering these few key ideas, you can help ensure a great launch party that starts your business off on the right foot. And then, the sky will surely be the limit!