How To Use Pinterest Automation Software To Drive Traffic

If you are thinking about marketing on Pinterest or have already started to market on the platform, you undoubtedly know of its power to drive traffic. However, in order to leverage the full power of Pinterest, you need to pin regularly to your boards. This can be time-consuming, especially if you have a business to run. Thankfully, you can use Pinterest automation software to make keeping your content fresh a whole lot easier. Here is a guide that will assist you.  

Post at the Best Times

Most Pinterest automation software looks at statistics to tell you when is the best time to pin. However, you can still choose your own schedule. The beauty of following the statistics is that you are more likely to get re-pins, which is the heart of the power of Pinterest to drive traffic. Once you start getting re-pins, the traffic will increase, and this can continue for months and even years.

Post a Whole Lot More

Each time you post to Pinterest, you should make sure that your website's URL is attached to the image. You should also watermark it with your URL. If you want to maximize the amount of traffic you get to your website, you need to post as much as possible. Doing this manually can be tedious, and paying someone to do it can be expensive. Pinterest Automation software allows you to focus on creating images that garner attention, and the software will ensure that they are posted to your boards.

How Are You Doing?

Any marketing venture requires analytics. You need to know what is working and not working to bring in traffic. Pinterest automation software will give you amazing insights as to what is working for you on Pinterest and what isn't. You can find out which boards are most popular and which images are getting the most attention. This is invaluable information if you want to know which topics and styles of images you should target in the future so that you can get a lot of re-pins for your images. Pinterest is a powerful source of traffic for your business, and if you take the time to find out exactly how it works, you won't be disappointed in the results. However, you can fast forward your results on Pinterest by using the right automation software for the platform, so do not hesitate to take advantage of this.