5 Old-School Marketing Tricks For Realtors That Actually Work

These days, everything is fast, fast, fast. Real estate marketing is no exception. From social media to online house-hunting, agents have to be at full throttle all the time to snag the next client. Why not slow things down a little and try some old-school marketing tricks that still work, even in today's fast-paced world?

1. Sign Riders 

Signs are one of the easiest ways to not only sell a house but also to market yourself. A custom sign rider with your name printed on it or even a custom photo sign is an easy way to grab everyone's attention the old-fashioned way.

2. Door Hanger Advertising 

Another old-school way for agents to market themselves is through door hanger print advertising. A simple marketing piece that hangs on a doorknob will catch a homeowner's eye. You can hire a crew to canvas a neighborhood you're targeting, or you can try the 10-10-20 technique in person by placing one on the ten doors to the left, the ten doors to the right, and twenty doors across the street of every new listing you take.  

3. Expireds 

Once a home is under contract with a listing agent, another real estate agent cannot contact the homeowner. When a listing expires, however, all bets are off. Make it a point to run a list of expired listings bright and early every morning. Make contacting them your first task of the day, either by mail, phone, or even in person. Most homeowners are surprised to hear that their home is an expired listing and love to complain about everything that their previous agent didn't do right. Seize the opportunity to explain how you will get it sold. 

4. Print Newsletter 

While many agents choose to send out email blasts to varying degrees of success, the old-school print newsletter still works for many homeowners. If you send them consistently and include helpful content for them to read, potential clients may actually look forward to opening them each month over a cup of coffee. 

5. Hand-Written Note 

No one sends hand-written notes any longer, but they should. Taking time out of your door to sit down and write a few well-meaning words to touch base with a client is appreciated. Print out a list and spend ten minutes each day. Your clients will be impressed. Remember to hand-write the address, too. 

Real estate marketing doesn't have to be fancy. Sometimes old-school techniques, from door hanger advertising to hand-written notes, get the job done.