How Wide-Format Signage Can Be Used To Benefit Your Business

If you haven't yet invested in wide-format signage for your business, now is the time to think about doing so. Wide-format printing will allow you to create signs as large as you want with vibrant colors, sharp font, and crystal clear images to appreciate. Here are just a few ways you can use wide-format signage to benefit your business as time goes on:

Draw Attention to Your Storefront

Wide-format signage can be used to help draw attention to your company's storefront. You can create a sign as wide as your actual structure and hang it from the roof above the front door to turn the entire building into a sign. Your wide-format signage doesn't have to go on your building. If you want to mark the location of your parking lot that's on the corner, place the sign over the entrance of the lot.

Or have the sign posted on a large billboard base that towers over the other signs on your block. The options are wide and varied. No matter what you decide to do, passersby will be able to see the sign from blocks away, which will make it more likely that they'll notice you and actually visit your store rather than overlooking it and moving on.

Promote Your Business at Various Functions

You can also use wide-format signage to promote your business offerings at various functions throughout the year. Whether it's a trade show, a seminar, or a big business meeting between colleagues and clients, having a large sign printed for your station will let everyone know that you are serious about building your brand and that they should pay attention to your offerings as your business grows.

You can hang a wide-format sign off the front of a large folding table that serves as your booth front, or hang it on a wall in the meeting room behind where you and your team will be sitting. You can even sponsor functions like fundraisers and sports games in exchange for having your sign hung at their events throughout the year.

Participate in Holiday Celebrations

Investing in a wide-format sign for your business will also allow you to participate in holiday celebrations and give back to the community in a small way that makes them feel appreciated. Supporting your community will help you gain trust and loyalty among your community members, too, which will make it more likely that they'll become customers of yours at some point in the future if they aren't already.

Hang your sign off the back of a flat bed trailer and decorate the trailer for Christmas, then enter the community parade. Or host an egg hunt event at a community park, and use the sign to mark the location where everyone should meet up. Even decorate a haunted house for Halloween and hang the sign over the entrance.