Marketing Flags: An Inexpensive And Versatile Marketing Material

Advertising flags can be seen from far away and require no permanent alterations to the property that is being used for promotional purposes. If you would like to market a new product or announce a special sale, make a small investment to acquire a series of flags that will promote the wares or discounts.

The Benefits Of Marketing Flags

Purchasing lighted signage or a large wooden plaque that will be secured to the outside of your business can be costly and doesn't leave much room for modifications. Large, heavy signs are effective advertising tools if the message that is being conveyed isn't going to change, but when there are going to be consistent upgrades being made to a business plan, advertising flags are a cheaper alternative that can provide the same or better results than standard advertising materials.

The Style, Shape, And Colors

For a short message that contains one or two words or a bright-colored picture, choose a tear-shaped flag design that contains a curved upper section and a pointed bottom one. Hang this type of flag from a canopy or use a self-supportive device to stabilize the signage.

A feather flag is designed to be displayed vertically and will provide room for a series of words and pictures. A feather flag can have rounded or straight edges and can be a series of colors or contain one distinct color that complements the landscaping or building that is being used as a backdrop for the display.

A standard rectangular flag is the same shape as a state or country flag and will support many words and pictures. This type of flag can be used to cover the side of a business or can be attached to a flag pole or a canopy.

The Stabilizing Accessories

Small and large flag products are lightweight and may twist or blow away if they are not stabilized. Flag fabric needs to be secured along one side or all sides, depending upon the location of the advertising that is printed on the fabric.

If you would like the edge of a vertical flag to blow in the wind, stabilize one side of the flag and leave the opposite one unrestricted. For any type of flag that needs to remain fairly flat so that people can read what is printed on it, purchase a grommet kit and use the materials to secure the flag to the front of your business.