3 Reasons to Advertise on Hulu

If you have not thought about advertising your business on Hulu yet, now is a great time to do so. Here are just a few reasons to consider Hulu advertising:

Enjoy Optimal Relevance

Commercials on streaming services are shown to viewers based on the types of shows they watch and their historical interests online. If your commercial is promoting interior house paint, the commercial will only be shown to viewers who have shown an interest in home improvement shows or buying paint online at some point. They are highly likely to want to inquire about the products you promote in your commercial.

Viewers who have not shown any interest in home improvement or painting would not be shown the commercial, because they would be less likely to want your service than those who do or have shown interest in the industry. Therefore, your marketing dollars will go a lot further and your cost of acquisition should drop.

Encourage Immediate Interaction

Many streaming services allow advertisers to build interactive features into their commercials. Before, during, or after the commercial, you can include links for people to click on right then and there to visit your website or a discount offer online. This helps ensure that people do not end up forgetting about your business or products by the time they are done watching their show, which could very well happen even if they have every intention of checking your company out afterward.

You can also create multiple versions of your commercial and let viewers choose which version to watch based on the specific information they want to learn. They can choose a different version each time your commercial airs so that they do not get bored watching the same shtick and learning the same information.

Produce Shorter Commercials

You do not have to produce commercials that are minutes long to compete with other commercials like you would if you were advertising on cable television. Your commercial can be as short as 10 seconds if you want it to be, which gives you complete control over your advertising budget throughout the year.

Producing a longer commercial and then cutting it down into multiple bite-sized commercials will give you plenty of marketing material to work with as time goes on without having to pay for multiple production runs.

Contact a Hulu advertising agency today for more info about how they can help you reach your target audience and increase your company's overall profits in the coming months and years.