Having Signage Made For Your Building

There are many reasons why you may need to have signs created for your business. While graphics and signage can be common sights in commercial buildings, people may not know the best practices for having these graphics custom-made for their needs.

Use Graphics That Are Large Enough To Be Easily Read

A common issue that people can experience with their building's signage may be having the signs be too small to be easily read by individuals that are walking through the structure. This is a mistake that could greatly reduce the overall effectiveness of these signs. Ideally, you should use a font that is able to be clearly read from across the room. If the room is particularly large or there is a lot of information that needs to be included in the sign, you may want to make the title for the sign large enough to be read from the other end of the room so that individuals can know to navigate to the sign to get the information that they need.

Use A Standard Font And Color Scheme For Navigational Signs

If you are using these signs for navigational purposes, it is useful to keep to a standard font and color scheme for them. By taking this step, individuals will be able to more readily recognize these signs when they are walking through the building. Using alternating colors or different fonts can lead to individuals failing to recognize these signs when they need help navigating the building. To make sure that you can have additional signs in the future made that match these standards, you may want to write down or otherwise store the specific font name and size as well as the colors that are used. Otherwise, you may have a hard time making new signs that perfectly match your existing ones.

Have Any Environmental Signs For The Business Made Of Durable Materials

Environmental signage in the building can be instrumental in allowing people to navigate through the building. As a result, these signs will typically need to be in place for many years, and this can lead to them benefiting from being made of extremely durable materials. In addition to assessing the thickness and strength of the sign materials, you should also consider the signs' resistance to heat damage and color fading. This may cost more than less durable options, but it can spare you from the costs and disruptions of replacing them in the future.

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