Promotional Holiday Gifts: 4 Categories To Consider For Clients Or Employees

Before you know it, the Christmas holidays are going to be here. It is a great time of year to help establish a solid relationship with some of your newer customers. It is also a great time to find a way to express your gratitude to all of your current employees, clients or both. One of the best ways to do these things is by sending a holiday gift. If you're going to be buying a holiday gift, you might as well increase the awareness of your brand while you're at it, right? Read More 

Advantages Of Aerial Advertising Versus Traditional Media

Purchasing a banner that advertises deals, specials, and promotions at your place of business, to be flown at places or events with large crowds, is a surefire way to generate revenue. The following is a list of reasons why aerial advertising is not only affordable compared to traditional advertising, but why it also more effective. Less Visual Competition Ads in magazines and newspapers are crowded and surrounded by other ads. A potential customer may not even notice your ad in the visual cacophony that is traditional print media. Read More 

Don’t Keep It In House: 3 Reasons To Hire White Paper Writers

For any business looking to cultivate relationships with other companies or government entities, the white paper is the gold standard. Face-to-face interactions are great, but decision-makers want time to read your literature and think carefully about your products or services before beginning a real relationship. The trick, then, is producing top-notch white papers to get your message across. It might be tempting to stay in-house with your white paper needs, but that's a mistake for three big reasons: Read More 

Beyond SEO And SMM: Four Tips To Help You Improve Your Presence On Social Media Outlets

If you want your business to grow, digital marketing is essential. This can include campaigns for SEO (search optimization) and SMM (social media) campaigns, as well as paid ad campaigns on search engines (SEM) and other marketing medium like video. It is a combination of successful campaigns in all these areas that will help your business to grow. You want to be able to gain trust and respect of users to build your business. Read More 

A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words: How To Choose Images For Your Dental Website

The first impression many potential patients will have of your dental practice is via your website. It takes less than three seconds for a visitor to your site to form an impression of your practice and visually confirm that view. While you can have a great design and compelling copy, if your photos are not right, that impression may not be as good as it could be. Here are three ways to make sure the visual look of your site is as good as it can be. Read More